R packages

icews: tools to download and update the ICEWS event data without interacting with dozens of files on dataverse.

states: make country-year/month/day panel data that is consistent with the COW or Gleditsch & Ward lists of independent states. I use these bare-bones panels as templates to which other data have to conform when merging IR datasets.

spduration: implementation of Weibull and Log-logistic split-population duration models. These models are designed for instances when you want to model the duration to some event but the population of cases consists of a mixture that includes some proportion of cases that will not experience the event at all, e.g. at what age teenagers start smoking, criminal recidivism among former prisoners, and cancer relapse.

Stata do files

As a graduate student in 2006 I wrote two Stata do files to convert ISO 3-letter country codes to COW numeric codes and country names to COW numeric codes.

If you have improved versions of these scripts, please let me know so that I can link to them instead!