Andreas Beger

Data/political scientist

I am a data scientist with a political science background. I work as an independent consultant with skills and experience in:

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What else is here

For a list of academic publications, see my research page.

For a brief period of time, I used to blog.

There are a couple of sub-pages:

et1000: the 1,000 most common Estonian words: I’ve been learning Estonian on and off for several years. A challenge that I encountered when I started using flash cards was how to prioritize what words to learn. At that time (2020), I couldn’t find an easily accessible and formatted list of the most commonly used Estonian words, so I made my own. It was also an attempt to practice some JavaScript, although in the end the main challenge ended up being related to the fact that in Estonian, words can have many different forms based on the grammatical context in which they are used (lemmatizers to the rescue!).

And several R package static doc pages:

icews: The ICEWS event data consists of more than 270 million event data records extracted from global news stories. The raw data is delivered via dataverse—the {icews} R package automates the process of keeping an up to date local copy of the ICEWS data, using either a file- or SQLite-based storage backend. (Not on CRAN.)

states: I frequently work with global data for independent states. This package has some utility functions for making it easier to work with the two major lists of state system membership, Gleditsch & Ward and COW.

spduration: Implements a time-varying covariate split-population duration regression model for survival data where an unknown portion of the cases are immune from the failure event. These are sometimes also called cure models.